Our Services

Sneaker Cleaning Service

We believe in wearing your sneakers... With that being said, we now offer sneaker cleaning services in store! Drop off your sneakers today to get them cleaned and watch us bring them back to life!

Turn around times are typically 3 business days.

Starting at $25 (prices vary based on condition)


Sneaker Restoration 

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes that you've worn to the ground? WE GOT YOU! Bring your shoes by to get a quote on our restoration services.

Our services include but are not limited to: 

Unyellowing, Reglue, Midsole Repaints, Custom Paint, Scratch Removal, Polishing & Buffing, Reshaping.

 (prices vary based on work required)


Personal Shopping

Looking for a specific pair of shoes that aren't in stock? Please fill out our Personal Shopping Form below and we will do our best to find them for you.

Once we find them we will let you know the price, you place a deposit, and you come pick them up. It's that easy! 

Prices vary based on items

Personal Shopping Form